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Female Teachers in Buddhism

This section of our site has become so extensive that, to keep download time (comparatively) short, it is now divided into FIVE pages.  See also our events calendar which includes teachings and retreats led by women.

Note:  Each of these pages includes thumbnail photographs of the teachers.  I've kept file size of each one as low as possible, but these photos do add to the download time.  If you're worried about bandwidth, remember that you can turn off the images on your browse.

BTN-S-GN.GIF (326 bytes) Mahayana Teachers of the Pure Land schools (such as Jodo Shinshu) and all other "non-Zen" Mahayana traditions, e.g. Won Buddhism.
BTN-S-GN.GIF (326 bytes) General Includes women who teach in more than one tradition, and Dharma centres (such as Gaia House) which host female teachers of various traditions.
BTN-S-GN.GIF (326 bytes) Theravada Includes teachers of Insight (vipassana) Meditation, and centres where the practices of Theravada (vipassana, metta) are taught.
BTN-S-GN.GIF (326 bytes) Vajrayana Teachers of Tibetan Buddhism of all schools, as well as Japanese Shingon.
BTN-S-GN.GIF (326 bytes) Zen / Ch'an Teachers of all Zen schools (Japanese - Rinzai and Soto, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese).

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