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How to submit links

This site started out, and is still intended primarily as, a list of existing links to webpages about contemporary Buddhist women, and I will gladly include hyperlinks to any relevant pages you may know of, with a few qualifications (noted below).

I regularly post hyperlinks of any pages on Buddhist women I come across, assuming that if someone is already on the Web, it's because she wants to share their activities and interests with others.  Same goes for any information found in the public domain (if they distribute literature, they must like to have people know about them!).  Otherwise, however, I'm reluctant to post details of individuals who do not already have webpages, unless (1) they specifically request to do so, and (2) are willing to provide an e-mail address, mail address or other means of contact.

Teachers!  If you'd like to submit a biographical summary of yourself, please take a look at the existing summaries on the Teaching webpages.  These will give you a good idea of the sort of write-up I'm looking for:  information on your own teachers and lineage, the practices you particularly like to teach (if appropriate), and any personal information which will help bring you to life in the reader's imagination.  It is also ideal if you can provide, where available, a mailing or street address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and website URL.  If you have a photo of yourself to accompany the bio, please send it as an e-mail attachment.  (You may also post it to me and I'll scan it for you, but this may take a little time.  If you're interested in this, please e-mail me at waibsite@yahoo.com.)

Commercial links?

Links of a "commercial" nature (publishers, bookshops, video companies etc.) will be posted only if they (1) offer a resource which is unique or unavailable elsewhere, or (2) include descriptions, reviews or pictures.   For example, I will not add a link to a company simply because it sells Buddhist books in general, say, but I may do so if it offers a Webpage dedicated to books on women and Buddhism -- especially if that page includes summaries of each book's contents.


I have personally met only a small number of the women and institutions on these pages -- and while all the individuals and groups you will find here are trustworthy and admirable as far as I know, you are still advised to exercise caution when putting your faith in a teacher, "expert" or group ... of any tradition.  The advice of Shakyamuni Buddha in this regard is well worth taking.  Please use your common sense!

Additions to the bibliography

The bibliography on women and Buddhism is as comprehensive as I can make it, but inevitably one or two books will have been missed out.  Please let me know, and I'll include them.

Conversely there may be books on the list which are not entirely agreeable to all readers (certainly there are one or two that I personally have problems with).  Nonetheless I believe strongly in the principle of enabling people to decide for themselves what is worth reading or not, rather than indulging in a priori censorship.  Those books which I feel are especially valuable will be highlighted -- er, when I've got the time -- but please take my opinion with a grain of salt ... I'm far from enlightened myself.

White Tara, the female deity of long life and wisdom

An apology, sort of

These pages are a little weighted toward Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhism), for two reasons.  (1) I practise in that tradition, am more familiar with it, and have a head start in searching out tasty but obscure links.  (2) I simply haven't found as much on the Web about women in other traditions, particularly Pure Land Buddhism.  So please -- if you object, do some searching and let me know the results!   I'm keen to make these pages as well balanced and as representative of the female Buddhist mosaic as possible.


Julia Milton
(the author of these pages)

I've practised Buddhism for 15 years now:  first in Theravada, and then the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, where I've studied with teachers from all four schools.   For me, the development of an informed, nonsectarian appreciation of all the Buddhist paths is very important - and my hope is that the readers of these pages will be curious enough to discover something of the wisdom of teachers and practitioners outside, as well as within, their own tradition.  One of these days I'll do an additional page about the various teachers I've studied with ... you and I may well be Dharma or vajra sisters!

And I'd like to thank...

My two principal teachers, the Ven. Cecilie Kwiat and the Ven. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche (resident lama at Gaden Choling Centre in Toronto, Canada), along with every other teacher, lama and sentient being who has directly or indirectly given me the gift of Dharma.

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