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Ven. Chung Ok Lee NEW Dr. Chung Ok Lee is a prominent member of Won Buddhism in America. She serves as the Main Representative of Won Buddhism International to the United Nations,  the head minister of the Manhattan Won Buddhist Temple, and works as a professor at Mount Saint Mary College. A spiritual teacher, peace activist and scholar, Dr. Lee received full ordination in 1981 in Korea, earned her M.A and Ph.D. from New York University, and has been actively involved in interreligious dialogue globally since 1986. (Listen to her Dharma talk on Spiritual Thanksgiving, or read her articles on the Won Buddhism site.)

Webpage: Ministers, Manhattan Won Buddhism

Ven. Jishin (Diane) Van Parijs UPDATED Ven. Jishin (Diane) Van Parijs teaches, with husband Yuho, at the White Lotus Center for Shin Buddhism, a Japanese Pure Land (Jodo Shinshu) temple and Buddhist study center in Anchorage, Alaska.  Jishin is the co-founder and temple coordinator of the White Lotus Center.  As a practicing Buddhist and mother of two, she has been focusing on the “family aspect” of Buddhist living.  Community outreach, Buddhist children’s group, and the formation of a Buddhist women’s cooperative are just some of the programs that are currently being developed by Jishin.

White Lotus Center for
Shin Buddhism

Anchorage, Alaska

1047 L Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
tel (907) 258-1851

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