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Healing hand What is bio-energy?
An introduction

Bio-energy is a revolutionary system of healing techniques which work on the subtle energy field that surrounds the human body, sometimes called an aura.  The underlying biological energy or life-force that radiates to form this field (the aura) can be measured and photographed electrically, and its existence is recognised by the World Health Organisation.  The aura is sometimes described as being radiated by the body, but in fact it is the other way around.  The energy field is comprised of increasingly less subtle layers of energy which step down in vibration until the energy becomes dense enough to manifest as matter.  Because the body is a physical manifestation of energy, it is possible for the body to be healed using energy techniques.
How healing works The body's natural healing instinct is to heal itself, and the healing energy is always present, so the only reason we become ill is because we block this process.  All illness and chronic pain is encoded in the energy matrix of the aura in the form of energy blockages or disturbances.  These may have arisen suddenly as a result of physical, mental or emotional trauma or over a period of time through established mental patterns of stress, anxiety or fear.  These blockages become `lockedī in the auric field and obstruct the healing flow of pure energy.

A trained bio-energy practitioner is able to detect blockages and imbalances in the energy field, and to release and correct them using specific hand movements and techniques.   Once these blockages are released and the energy flow is restored, it will carry healing throughout the body, right down to a cellular level. 

Bio-energy therapy Bio-energy work is initially done on the major chakra system.  Each chakra is an energy centre which feeds energy into the body and nourishes the organs closest to that centre.   The therapist scans the energy field, concentrating firstly on these chakras, and will immediately start working to clear any blockages that manifest here, and to correct any abnormality in the energy flow to each chakra.  If a depletion of energy is found, the therapist will use her/his hands to stimulate the flow of energy to that area.   This core work will also form the foundation for future sessions, but as the clinic progresses, the therapist will work more deeply to access and free more serious blockages.   He or she will also focus on the aura as a whole, clearing away any general debris (which may manifest as static), and rebalancing and repairing the energy field in order to restore the natural flow of energy to the body.
Treatment plan Bio-energy works best as a therapy when treatment is given over four consecutive days.  During the four days, the person receiving treatment often experiences some kind of temporary worsening of symptoms as deep-rooted problems are brought to the surface.  For instance, any chronic suppressed infection will often start to clear out as energy flows back through the body.  This is entirely normal!  These reactions are signs that the body is undergoing a release, and should be accepted as part of the healing process.   It is similar to the way in which we experience - for example - the unpleasant sensation of pins-and-needles in a foot which has gone numb as circulation starts to return to that part of the body.  One reason for the four-day course of treatment is to enable the therapist to support the person throughout the process, which in most cases will have resulted in tremendous relief by the fourth day.
History of bio-energy Over ten years ago, two Irishmen went to the former Yugoslavia in connection with their practice of martial arts.   There, they heard about a healer who was achieving incredible results working with energy techniques.  The name of this healer was Zdenko Domancic, and his work there was causing a stir among the medical profession.  One MD, Dr. Gajdobranski, monitored the treatment of 35 patients and documented improvements in their respective conditions, many of which were clearly visible in the physical person, supporting his documentation with laboratory analysis.  Domancic began training others in the practie of this healing art, which came to be known as bio-energy.  He was highly selective, choosing only people who would be suited to the training.  Over the years bio-energy has become an established phenomenon in eastern Europe and has benefited thousands of people.

The two Irishmen, Michael O'Doherty and Tom Griffin, became very interested in the therapy and were accepted by Domancic for training.   After the training they returned to Ireland where they began to practise their new skills on friends and relatives.  They were astounded at the results.  Soon their activities caught the attention of the media, and the two men found themselves much in demand.  Before long they were obliged to give up their jobs and devote themselves to practising bio-energy full-time.  As demand increased they started their own training program, and clinics began to appear all over Ireland.

Eventually bio-energy was reviewed on television on The Paul McKenna Show, sparking off interest in the UK.  Mobile clinics were set up in England and Scotland, using Irish-trained therapists, and Michael and Tom began their first UK training course in south London in January 1998.  They now focus most of their activities on the trianing programme.

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