Thangka of young Panchen Lama



Spontaneously Fulfilling All Wishes - a prayer for the Panchen Lama

Om Svasti
Pa.den tob.chu pay.nga sha.kyay.gyel
tse.dang ye.she gon.po.sog
kyab.yu rab.jam gya.way
deng.di ge.leg gya.tso’ cha.chen.phog
O glorious Shakyamuni, endowed with the ten powers,
O victorious assembly of infinite refuges
Such as Amitayus, Lord of limitless life and wisdom:
Let fall here and now an oceanic rain of virtue and goodness!
ji.nyay mo.kham gya.tso’
che.wa ta.gyay shing.nam leg.kyong.way
pa.den kye.cho.nyi
Well nurturing billions of realms
With infinite unceasing array of manifestations
According with an ocean of trainees’ natures and wishes
Is a distinguishing feature of the Glorious Able Ones themselves!
si.ri’ teng.ze bo.tay
khe.dang pe.yon tung.rab tsar.tu ngar.wa yi nam.tar me.du.chung
In the country of Tibet, garlanded with snow mountains,
The succession of your holy incarnations,
Replete with all qualities of scholarship and yogic mastery,
As Teachers of the Dharma are uniquely wonderful!
lo.sang gya.tsen deng.way.gon
rim.jon kun.zig
kye.chog wu.dum wa.ray teng.wa.yi
lung.tog thu.ten pa.gam
Your successive incarnations of the Protector who erected
The victory banner of Losang Dragpa’s teaching [Losang Chökyi Gyaltsen]
Are an udumwara flower-vine of supreme beings
Beautifying the tower of scriptural and realization Buddhadharma!
nyi.may do.nga
zin.khe ge.dun
ye.she trin.ley phun.sum.tsok so.wa.teb
You who skillfully uphold the tradition [Tenzin] of the Sun Friend’s sutra and tantra teachings,
Crown ornament of the Sangha [Gedun] community,
Of unobscured wisdom and perfection in activity [Yeshe Trinle Puntsog],
I make requests to that Supreme Guide of Beings!
gya.chen’ no.zin
da.may kyen.tse pay.yon.zog
don.tam rab.dun kel.den.tsog
min.zay ’do.way gon.por ten.shu.sol
To protect this vast earth, teachings and beings
With perfection of unparalleled wisdom, compassion and power
Ripening the fortunate community who aspire to ultimate virtue,
May you remain firm as the Lord of Beings!
to.sam kyi.kor rab.tu.gye
kyen.rab ye.she nang.wa
kam.sum ma.rig mun.sel trin.ley.chen chen.por shab.ten.shog
May you remain firmly as the Sun of the teachings and beings
Whose activity causes the mandala of hearing, contemplation and meditation to grow,
Illuminating the light of supreme transcendent wisdom,
Clearing darkness of ignorance of the three realms!
pang.tog phun.tsok nor.bu zo.nye.shing
pal.den de.shi’ sang.po.yi
gang.chen zog.den che.po chog.tu shab.ten.shog
Having attained a jewel treasury of perfect abandonments and realisations,
May you live long as the supreme guide
Who, with the excellent riches of the four glorious communities,
Leads Tibetans to a new springtime of perfection!
tub.ten chi.dang jam.gon si.tar leg.kyong.lay
may.chung khe.tsun sang.poi’ yon.ten.kun
lhun.zog to.wai’ shab.ten.sol
To well protect the general Buddhist teachings,
And Tsongkhapa’s stainless teachings until the end of existence,
May you remain as the Lama of beings
With all spontaneously perfected qualities of supreme wisdom, morality and compassion! tse.chig
nyen.ching so.wa gu.lob.sog yi.chen cho.tun sam.don.kun ge.tsen yu.nay.shog
May you long abide as one whom, when venerated and beseeched,
With profound, single-pointed faith and devotion
By those such as your respectful disciples, it is auspicious that
All Dharmic wishes of infinite beings be effortlessly accomplished! gya.kun kyen.tse sang.sum leg.min.te
ta.tag do.di tel.dang zhe.don dup.gyu.chig
In short, the nectar of all Buddhas’ wisdom, compassion and power
Strongly, well ripening your three secrets,
May you spontaneously accomplish your intention:
To set all these beings in temporary and everlasting happiness!
chog.sum jin.dang ten.chung cho.nyi.tob
si.sum beg.che
dam.ten ten.sung tin.le.tu ne.kun dup.gyu.chig
Through power of the Three Jewels’ blessings, dependent arising and emptiness,
Magical power of hosts of sworn Dharma protectors
Such as Matron of the Three Realms, Begtse and Mahakala,
May all these prayers be accomplished without obstruction!


This prayer for the Tenth Supreme Incarnation of the Omniscient Panchen Lama, root of benefit and happiness, Tenzin Gedun Yeshe Trinle Puntsog Pel Zangpo [Gedun Chökyi Nyima], to remain firmly in our world as the fully enlightened Nirmanakaya, immutable Vajradharma, and for his activities’ benefit to the teachings and beings to increase like the waxing moon, is by the Shakya Monk, Holder of the Lotus, Tenzin Gyatso [the Fourteenth Dalai Lama]. It is sent forth from India, Land of the Aryas, with great faith, aspiration and altruism. May all be auspicious!

English translation from Tibetan by David Molk, January 1, 1999.


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The English version of this prayer was translated by David Molk (U.S.A.).  The translation was sponsored by Julia Milton (Canada).  Special thanks to Samdup Tsering and Damien Busby (Australia) for providing the original Tibetan text and the Tibetan transliteration given above.  May all nations be blessed by the prayers and activities of the Panchen Lamas of the three times!


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